Dating k98 bayonet sheath

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Dating k98 bayonet sheath

Although they may have changed hands many times several of the knife producers that exist in Solingen today have been around for more than one hundred years.

It has long been an active center for the production of high quality cutlery.

There are several other knife producers operating from Solingen today including Kissing Cranes, Richartz, Hen and Rooster, Bulldog Brand, German Eye, Hubertus, Herbertz and others.

There are also many German knife comapnies that have come and gone.

1981: The Company celebrates its 250th anniversary. 1995: Market launch of TWINSTAR, a series of knives setting entirely new standards in cutting performance and featuring Magna Dur - special-coated blades which remain permanently sharp without re-sharpening. HENCKELS are sold in over 100 countries worldwide." Linder knives have been made in Germany for more than 100 years. Solingen City Archives show that Carl Wilhelm Linder started his workshop in a little hamlet named Bech, now part of Solingen, Germany.

In addition to its headquarters in Solingen ZWILLING J. HENCKELS today has wholly-owned subsidiaries in seven major industrial countries, including the USA and Japan. His youngest son, Carl, was born in 1869 and carried on his father's tradition of fine knife making.

Leather scabbard is pierced and decorated and has a small fastening button has 888 and an unreadable word.

In 1903 Carl Linder moved to a larger location, as they had outgrown their tiny workshop. In 1937, after Carl Linder's death, the company was sold to Paul Rosenkaimer, a knife maker who had been part of Solingen history for a very long time.

He chose to call the company "Carl Liner Nachf." In German, the word Nachfolger means "successor," and the company is still officially known as Carl Linder Nachf.

At that time Puma used natural hydraulic water power to drive the large circular wet stones which craftsmen used to shape their knives, razors and tools.

A turning point for Puma was the use of the steam engine which greatly improved production.

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