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Dating investment banking

It’s a God that requires frequent confessionals, as one senior banker there explains: “There is a culture at Goldman which is very strong and clear, which is: it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you own up to them right away.” The firm’s dating protocols—by all accounts little-known—don’t ban dating within the firm but instead require employees to disclose their relationships to their direct manager, who can contact what one alum wryly calls “ the inappropriate-behavior SWAT team.”By all accounts, this is taken seriously.

In the discrimination lawsuit, for instance, the Goldman banker alleged to have groped a 26-year-old associate reported it himself to human resources the next day.

It was probably the most expensive kiss of the banker’s life: at the end of the year, Goldman chopped his bonus by 25% for bad judgment, this person said. Goldman’s favorite option, however, is just to separate people and ship them off to other divisions.

In another case, a married partner had a consensual affair with a younger female banker who had a long-term boyfriend.

The partner was finally shipped off to another continent.

Tracing the claims back to Patient Zero, the benefits and human resources groups were able to tell who wasn't toeing the line of disclosure.

Goldman isn’t particularly unusual in having a disclosure policy; it’s just unusual because people seem to follow it.

(She didn’t report it for two years, which appears to have worked against her).

In another instance, one prominent Goldman alumna recalls being taken to dinner by her boss, who spent much of the dinner explaining to her how, if they weren’t working together, he would like to be dating her.

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And the same factors that create Goldman’s cadre of internal marriages—long hours, a shared employer and career—have also generated some divorces.