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Free passes are available for English Heritage members as well as local residents, while standard visitor entry in 2018 is £5.70 per adult.

Furness Abbey features twice in the Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Books of the 1830s, both with a poetical illustration by Letitia Elizabeth Landon: in the 1832 edition: Furness Abbey, in the Vale of Nightshade, Lancashire and, in the 1835 edition: Chapter House, Furness Abbey.

It has also been rumoured that the Holy Grail and King John's missing jewels are hidden somewhere inside the 'Ley tunnel'.

Furness Abbey has hosted a number of large-scale mystery plays.

When Robert the Bruce invaded England, during The Great Raid of 1322, the abbot paid to lodge and support him, rather than risk losing the wealth and power of the abbey.

The Abbey was disestablished and destroyed in 1537 during the English Reformation under the orders of Henry VIII. Other notable tourists include the Theodore Roosevelt family.

First, it is said that the spirit of a monk has been seen climbing a staircase and also possibly walking towards the gatehouse before vanishing into a wall. She was known to meet her lover at the ruined abbey after the Reformation, although one day her partner took a journey out to sea from which he never returned.

There are supposedly at least three ghosts which have been seen numerous times at the Abbey.One of the kings of Mann and the Isles is buried at the abbey, as are many of the Bishops of Sodor and Man.Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man was built on land owned by the monks.The first of these were performed over several consecutive nights in 1958.The mystery plays continued throughout the 1960s until the recruitment of participants, perhaps over 100, became difficult.

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