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Flowers for a funeral should arrive at the funeral home before the first visiting hours … If time does not permit delivery before visiting hours, flowers or a plant can be sent to the home of the bereaved.A potted plant has obvious symbolic meaning because it will continue to live and grow.

Following are a collection of questions and answers about bereavement to help guide you during difficult times.

If the deceased always loved being in the garden and had a favorite flower and color, it would be very comforting for the bereaved to receive an arrangement that includes these varieties.

would be appreciated” appear in an obituary, take your cue from the request.

View more lifestyle advice Because sympathy notes and letters are too personal to follow a set form, one simple rule can guide you: Say what you truly feel.

A single sincere line expressing the genuine feeling you had for the deceased is all you need to write.

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These are by no means the only things to consider when sending your sympathy card, and you may find that some do not apply to your situation.

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