Dating flirt love signs

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Dating flirt love signs

You prefer nights in with your girl than a night out any day. You always know what she is thinking without her having to say anything. To steal a line from As Good As It Gets she makes you want to be a better man. She still gives you butterflies every time you see her. She is the highlight of your day, even if she doesn’t do or say anything particularly exciting. You show her off to everyone to the point of it being downright boastful. You can enjoy separate experiences without feeling guilty and then share the tales with each other afterwards.

Gemini is easily the most misunderstood and misdefined sign in the Zodiac.

You can always trust that a Gemini will keep things interesting.

Anything you know or have is instantly hers too and vice versa. She wears your clothes and suits them way more than you do. She gives little personal gestures like allowing you the first shower or offering you the last slice of pizza. People automatically assume that just because Gemini is symbolized by "the twins," they are "two-faced" or "two people." Being "two people" is one way of putting it, but Gemini is actually multifaceted.It's an aspect that some people like to define as presenting multiple personalities. You share everything from a plate of food to a shower and from shameful secrets to gossip. Because you respect each other’s space as much as you love your together time. She looks after you when you’re ill, no matter how much of a drama queen you are being. Everything you see in the news or hear from a friend, you wonder what she will think of it. You are protective of her, even if it isn’t necessary. You have pictured what your children will look like and don’t actually cringe at yourself for having picked out names you think she will like. She loves you completely, despite your flaws, and you never, ever doubt it.

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Even if Geminis (unless intoxicated) don't open up about emotional issues, they know how to talk if needed.