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it's knowing what you need from a partner and demanding the entire package.

If you're a smart, sophisticated, independent woman looking for love, why shouldn't it be you? Courtney Sullivan has created a guide for wome We've all heard the stereotypes about women who marry into money? The fact is, there are plenty of fabulous men out there who happen to be wealthy, and someone's going to marry them. With tips on everything from top 10 products for under ," 8 types of rich men to avoid," and 9 essential clothing items that no girl should be without," DATING UP will help women attract the right kind of man.

Stocked full of top ten lists; enlightening quotes from film, literature, and pop culture; and sidebars with extra Quick Tips, this manual will be a must-have for all women ready to find Mr. This book is so shallow that I wonder how could it even get published in the first place.

The definition of dating up in this book is dating rich men and getting things for free.

Maine was named a Best Book of the Year by Time magazine, and a Washington Post Notable Book for 2011.

Courtney’s writing has also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Chicago Tribune, New York magazine, Elle, Glamour, Allure, Men’s Vogue, and the New York Observer, among others.

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Starving artists, social miscreants, or hell, any guy living slightly above the poverty line were all the rage back in college, when our greatest expense was Corona with lime.

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