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And Matthew gives us marvelous insight into the incredible way Jesus lived and loved.

From HAGGAI: A Matter of Priorities The word consider is used again and again in this book of only two chapters.

And, meanwhile, He assures the faithful they’ll be protected.

He never ignores the wicked, as we might consider doing.

I was always under the assumption that you just say "Yes, Jesus I invite you into my heart" and then you would have this amazing, overwhelming presence of Jesus wash over you. I came with some family members [to in Des Moines] because I felt obligated.

(Which I never felt.) I thought I was supposed to accept him, and then he was supposed to do all the rest. But listening to the different speakers, it started to make sense.

God’s Word challenges us to not be casual about our lives, taking them for granted, doing what comes “naturally.” His encouragement to us is to live intentionally, make right choices, and be good stewards of all He’s given us.

And through it all He keeps a watchful eye on those who trust Him. Amy is a boy mom to two spirited young men and a mentor to Hannah, one of her high-school students and a cross-country runner coached by John. It makes it relatable to audiences of all ages and allows you to see yourself on the screen.

We see pride even in our care for the “least of these” or humble circumstances (serving the poor and inflicted,... The only time I went was with friends, which was not very often.

There were many times I said, "I have accepted Jesus in my heart" or "I found Jesus." But I never felt anything.

And since I never felt that, I thought that I wasn't worthy of him . Listening to Christine and how she explained that you can't just throw everything at Him and say, "Here you go, now fix my problems." How things you've done in your past that make you feel broken does not disqualify you from having a...

MATTHEW: Prophecy Fulfilled Nothing is more important in our Christian experience than understanding who Jesus is.

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The phrases consider your ways, as well as consider now are recurring themes.