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The people had dur- ing this :ime done their duty in the mat- ter of thv« c:-eation nf wealth. July 22.--Thf dav for the opening of the national convention broke clear and bright— in striking contrast witlil the dark, glomy an."! Ignatius Donnelly, of Minnesota, re- sjiding adroitly any allusion to th subjecf upon which tiie delegates below werie divided. "Why didn't th-ey steal our :rans- plank'.'" shouted a d -legate. The bride, pleased and sm ling and bowing, could plainly be seen b the people in the atree:. Th» br des- malds followed, while the gentlemen of the household, the equen-iea and o hers brought up the rear. The attor- ney gei ral took the case to the supreme court i.'n appeal from the decision of Judge Ruth to trial on the claim of the state him for the Interest claimed to have teen lost by the state on account of his neglect to apportion the school fund at the proper time, he hav- ing delayed his action about three months beyond the time set by law for his making the apportionment. PALES, from New York.) This statement set the eonventi(in wild. As hey tmerged from \Parlborough house h^y were gr-eeted with the utmost enthusi- asm. to the chapel, •-he way being led by two heralds, two gentlt men usher? The bride was sup- ported on one side by her father, the prince of "Wales, and on the other b her brother, the duke of York. Following the niadlng of the centennial ode, composed by Col. Among thtnn were Governor Vincent Coffin of Connrcticut. :^ Bu^ni Ml, e Tt-Oovermo^ William Mc Kin- ley and othem. It Is arguetl that there is no beit.r wav to save prohibition at the polls this fall" than by enforcing the law from tills time on. several claims were made by the state, to which the def-ndant filed a general demurrer, which '.sustained by the trial court, and tht judgment dismissed. , w^ An immense grain elevator is being erected at Alpena by L. The e Uvator will be fur- nished with a "dump" of the latest pat- tern and when the structure is completed win'rank with the best in the Jim River vallev. Wiles, of Iowa, was con- summated yesterday, the ceremony being performed by a local justice of the peace. Of Exquisite Taete DEUCIOUS FUVOR |6 Blatz The STAR Milwaukee Beer, and better stifl, there Is health and strength In its sparkling drops. census opinion among the delegates at tht Pcq)ultst convention hall before the convention was called to order today was that th. convention, and there can be no doubt that the opinion is crys:alizing in this d.reotion. nominations were made today there is little doubt this course would b: d, and the growth of .sentimeii* has been steady In this di:-ection that there is to believe this will be the solution of the difflculty. Furnish Electric Current for Light and Povven Offices: Rooms 4, 5, 6^ 216 West Superior Street. of pr^pular airs but n/)'t f)nt of them were accorded ap- plause by the audience. m from their 1 thargj- wa- I the ae-t*ion nf aji as.^.«»ergv! POWER CO., Successors to HARTWAN 6ENERAL El ECTRIC CO. ■ •••■•llllll|l|t^|ll|llll

FIRST Vour choice of any pair of Mans Pants in the hi use for SECOND Your choice of any Man's Suit in the house for. THIRD^ Your choice of any Young Mans Suit in the hou le for. FOURTH Your choice of any Boy's Short I'ant Suit in the house. * POPIIIST / ■» ^ ^ ^ CONVENTION The National Gathering: of the Peo- ple's Party Opened at St. It had cmci-Ived hi :ho ^ pn-vail (J am.,n K th- nnxlun-rs " thf i-oiintiy. Fliould it be 8aid that th'.s t, Mvat all -m- Senator Butler, of North Carolina, Was Agreed on as Tempor- ary Chairman. Th-,-y were about tho as the Republican con- vention and the Hags which flow from the roof were faded and Weather b-aten. The faces of the Populists' ideal graced i Ls walls. I Among the flrs to arrive the Kr.n- sas delegariun with long yellow ribbons ' idmonl.shing of th^e road telegrams from Popu Ksftf, them to keep in the middl and bolt if Be- low it were the words: "National prous- perity cannot be res;ored by the ,^n- forctd idleness of a large proportion^ of our people.'" The poi'trait Id not seem to be recognlzfd. is a well disguised scam operating as a dating site.This site uses a multitude of the deceptions to get people to pull out their credit card and buy a membership. H" vertured upon a f-;w general remark:- upon the question of freedom of oi-iniin, of the prras, of speeehc.'? "They were so frightene.l that in their desperation they finallv cmm- mitten.! "Right here." he said, "comes our re- ,si)on8ibili:y— the greatc-st responsibility .when I t-11 you that they expect us ! The prince of \/ales was attired in the uniform of a c'invlt-d guti-:s for vhom seats could not be provided, the c lap 1 band, stationed on the terrace, p'a march. July :i J.— Twelve thousiand coat tnllors wore ordered on a strike this morning to enforce higher prices frim the w-holeaalers, who weiv taken by surp Hs»e. 630 in number, in this city, and 250 in Bri Kvklyn and Brovvn.s- villt. Founders' Day Celebrated In Fine Style by Citizens and Visitors. Mc Kinley and Others Made Appropriate Speeches In the Mornlnft. There was some surprise when the chairman fntroduc-^d Gove-rnor Stone of Mis.souri, Lu: what- ever apprehensions might have been raised were speedily removed by the announcement that the governor wa.i merely txpect-ed to make a welcoming addres.s. His welcome was most cordial apd was couched in choice word.s. "in a ciucial period, not only in party, but in national af Tairs. Improrx-T," he said, "for him to exi^ress the hope that every- thing tha: could h done would be done with an eye single to the felicity of the pei) ,le and the public iniluencc He ex- Mary Ellen Lease was cheervid as she ascendf Hl the .stag: just before Chairman Taubeneck introduced Sena« :;ir Butler as temporiry chaii-man. Hn described the various campaign =( th.-ough which the party had pas.^-.d in v; Mious &ta.t Ms, tlie hard.shiieoplr. our plattfform and tried to steal into our party." CHAIRMAN TAUBENCK QP POPULLST PARTY. and are beginning to rftison that a compromise is preferable to a split in the party. at its next national cimvention, wojid r pudiate itie platfomi adopted at Chi- cago, and Bryan would not h-ave any mor f hance of being nominated :han Thomas Jefferson would if he were alive today." The financial question, he con- tinued, had been as mucii an issue since 1S73 as it wa." today, but it remained fo'- the People's party to foroe this issue to the front. The bridesmaids vere eight in number, being Princess Vicoria of Wales, sister of the bride; \fctoria of Schleswig-Holstein. It was composed of heralds, ushers wo- m^en of the bed chamber, bearers o' the gold sticks and other offlclala of the queen's house-hold. Prince Charles wore the uniform of a lleutt nant of the Danish navy. stole a march on the manufacturers by visiting all the contractor^ shops. secoikl mate, who must have been a wit- nrji«» of tae captain's murder and then the killing of the woman herself, to cover up the crime. Cleveland Reached Us First Centennial With an Enor- mous Noise. July 22.— This wa.-^ founders' day and the banner day of the Cleveland tx Mitcnnial ce Umlng cannon, clang- ing bells and slhrleklng whl Mtlt\s.

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Much depends upon th.^ attitude of the managers of th^ Bryan and S-will boom. The delegates applauded and on.^ shouted for thrf^ chcfrs, which w^re giv, n. broken, they b -gan to he more dimonstrntlve anil cheered "the band's rendition of "Colum- bia.

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