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Statements like this are found in many books of world history, Indian history and history of religions.

If this claim were correct, then it would be the earliest accurate date known in Indian history.

The disagreement we find in non-scholar Buddhist tradition is even stronger: the decease of the Buddha ranges widely from 2420 BCE to 290 BCE and most of them have no support on evidence.

Another method to date the life of the Buddha is to consider the list of the so-called patriarchs.

Indian Emperor Ashoka the Great (304–232 BCE), who ruled India from 268 to 232 BCE, seems to have turned Buddhism into a state religion and encouraged Buddhist missionary activity.

He also provided a favourable climate for the acceptance of Buddhist ideas, and generated among Buddhist monks certain expectations of patronage and influence on the machinery of political decision making.

By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. The reality is that there is not a unanimously accepted date for the historical Buddha’s life amongst scholars.In 1988 CE a symposium named “The Dating of the Historical Buddha” took place in Gottingen, Germany.Within a few weeks he’d have a new way to get around, a customized golf cart, tricked out with slogans familiar to the Levine faithful: “Against the Stream,” which is the name of both one of his books and the sangha (Buddhist community) that he founded, and “FTW,” which Levine translates as both Buddha’s admonition to “Forsake the World” and the more colloquial “Fuck the World.” Cool rides and punk-skater threads are integral to the heavily tattooed 48-year-old’s image (who often flips the bird) as well as his message that has brought many young people into the fold.Beneath a Facebook photo of Levine—Vans, shades—tilting his new ride on two wheels, a young woman wrote, “I’m keeping this picture for when people ask me how I got into meditation.”Levine founded Against the Stream more than ten years ago on antisexist and antiracist principles, with great emphasis on ethical practices—an irony Jezebel noted when it broke the story last summer that a woman Levine had dated accused him of sexual assault.

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