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Cheaper and more powerful gadgets like the i Pad.3.

Online advertising which is available to the small business for dollars a day instead of having to lay out thousands for traditional types of advertising, and being able to assess advertising effectiveness in real time.

They essentially take all the work and hassle out of finding and arranging dates, taking your personal preferences into account.

Do not forget about creating a plan to get the word out effectively. So my piece of software is the web browser, server, linux, the php language and other key web components like CSS, javascript mysql, and HTML. Though youtube is immensely popular, most singles online don’t have a clue how to make a video of themselves and put it online.

A key issue is that video files are huge and hard to edit.

Even a small video of a few MB would be such a huge enhancement for a dating site.

I had and option for users to upload videos on my site and almost no one used it.

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