Be dominated by a woman in chat room

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Be dominated by a woman in chat room

I was always very shy around girls, I could be very dominant at an "only men environment", but if a girl was present I was always very quiet and carful.If I had had to be alone with a girl then I would get really nervous and try to end the conversation and walk away as soon as I could.But I couldn't do anything real about it; I felt that I just couldn't handle any real interaction with women. With my parents and older brother living in the house, the environment was not so comfortable for watching porn.But I did watch porn, and masturbated, in that room, A LOT. In day time when people were in the house I just closed the door and listened, when I heard someone coming I quickly closed the porn and stopped masturbating, and I spent hours like that in that room.I am 21 years old, I am supposed to finish my degree in a mount, and I already have a job, well sort of, lets say I have a source of income, and I won't get any deeper into that.When I was 14 I French kissed a girl, thats the most far I have ever gone.

It sounds weird I know, why would anyone want to pay so much for that when they can go to a real escort at the same price?

At that time I started to find out that I find girls very attractive. Girls that were considered good looking were like goddesses to me.

I admired them, and the idea of touching and being with them was like a dream to me.

Well, I know I wanted to, and I was willing to pay a lot more.

To explain what I just said, I have to go way back in my story, which actually begins when I was a child, or a teenager shell I say.

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I wanted like hell to be with so many such girls, and I knew I was capable of it, but I was shy, too shy, and scared, I thought they were perfect, and that I didn't deserve them, and I was also scared of what people would say about me if I went out with them.