Barling pipes dating abledating mixer

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Barling pipes dating

But toward the end of the 19th century, the demand changed.

For example the Britons preferred darker stainings.

Bondier's family obviously came from Paris and had emigrated in 1789 to Geneva.

He himself had worked as a wood turner in the clay and china pipe industry in and around Saint-Claude making stem extensions etc.

These program formed the kernel of GBD's splendid presentation at the Amsterdam World's Fair 1888.

Business and reputation developed quickly and well.

During it's first 40 years, GBD was honored with 15 medals of achievement on important international fairs worldwide.

Shortly after the first fabrications in Saint-Claude had started they fixed contacts with suppliers there and began to obtain the new raw material to produce briar pipes in Paris.

Soon the briars outdid the Meerschaums as the mainstay product.

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The better clientele appreciated costly manufactured tailor-made cases.

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