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Based on the statistics, her fight to raise awareness and affect the community conversation will indeed be a life-saving one.

Political pundit and social activist Al Sharpton has been fighting for social and economic justice for African Americans for years.

On her website, she mentions the importance of working with many underserved communities in the island nation.

Soon after his separation with Jordan, Sharpton was romantically linked to singer Foxy Brown and actress Lisa Raye.

The couple has two daughters; Dominique and Ashley.

His eldest daughter Dominique tied the knot with Marcus Bright in October 2017 at the Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Jamaica.

The CDC also reports that being unaware of an HIV diagnosis also puts patients at risk – something that Lisa Raye Mc Coy and Break the Silence are actively trying to fight.

Mc Coy is working specifically with this campaign to remove the stigma of openly discussing sexuality and the possibility of disease in the African American community.

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The Break the Silence campaign feels that the focus has slipped away from AIDS awareness, and it appears this is particularly true in the African American community.

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