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American civil war teen dating traditions

The settlers brought with them modern agricultural techniques for cotton, new food-crops, like peaches and pecans and various strains of rice.They also brought in modern devices like kerosene lamps, and interesting sports like baseball.Families were advised to bring a tent, light-weight furniture, farming supplies, seeds, and provisions to last six months.Understandably, starting a new life wasn’t as easy as expected – drought, tropical disease and the inability to continue their former lifestyle discouraged many of the Confederates and they fled back home.But several remained unconvinced, and between 18, 10,000 Confederates emigrated from their home country to a more tolerant foreign one.It was the largest and only recorded exodus in the history of the United States; the people who left are sometimes referred to as the Lost Colony of the Confederacy.“We bring people to celebrate the culture that has a lot to do with the origins of rock’n’roll.

Today, the 120,000 Confederado descendants continue to celebrate their history with an annual festival and quarterly memorial services.Fiesta Confederada – the annual event – is a celebration that includes Confederate flags, parades of people dressed in Confederate uniforms, pre-war Southern cuisine and elaborare Southern-style dancing.The members of the ‘Fraternity of American Descendents’ gather to honor their ancestors and maintain community ties.They baked pecan pies, sang Southern hymns and had debutante balls.Their names were European – Stonewall, Butler, and Ferguson – unlike the natives.

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Dom Pedro, who wanted to encourage the cultivation of cotton, made an offer they could not refuse – he offered them a package of tax breaks and grants, as well as a section of the Brazilian forest that they could call home.

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