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are there really accuracy gains at 25 and 50 yds to use a square base bullet? Wrightturn I sent a H&G #68 FB bullet to Accurate Molds Company.

if so, are there any commerical casters selling square base HG 68 style slugs? sorry for the hijack and thanks in advance The original 68 was a bb. About 15 years ago I did some load and group test with a TC Contender with a 45acp barrell. All of my bullets were cast from 4/8 sized .452 on a Star sizer. They sell 3 cavity brass molds for a very reasonable price.

Retract the slide - and then lock it in that rearward position by engaging the thumb-safety (marked on the pic below as "1") up into the 2nd slot in the slide (marked in the pic as "2"): 2. Found a guy who makes buffers and ordered a couple from him. I have a Star BM and I'm here to tell you that 2 piece guide rod is a PIA to get apart.

Push out the slide-stop (marked as "3") from the right side of the pistol to the left. Hold the slide firmly (it's under pressure from the recoil-spring) and release the thumb-safety and ease the slide forward and totally off the frame. Turn the slide upside-down and voila - you should be able to get the recoil-spring guide-rod out with a bit of wiggling and then replace the buffer. His buffers are for the newer model and won't fit my older, two-piece guide rod. I put mine in a vice and turned the end off with a wrench after much cursing it gave in.

Besides, you're keeping your money in the USA with the purchase, supporting Americans and American jobs.

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I want this to be an exact copy of the old H&G bullet...which is a proven feeder, not something "sorta close". There's a group-buy running now at castboolits - 4-cavity brass mold and your choice of plain or bevel base; takes the Lee 6-cavity handles.

I have an original H&G #68 dual-cavity and would buy one of Miha's anytime - I just can't afford it I'm getting into casting (albeit a bit reluctantly)..only way to truly be competitive in BPCR is to "roll your own".

I'm envious - the PD is an awesome little pistol It's straight-forward - the buffer is just a little rubber/plastic/whatever doohickey on the end of the recoil-spring guide-rod, held in place by the recoil-spring - looks like this: To get the buffer out, you'll need to field-strip the pistol first.

If you don't have the owner's manual, go to Steve's Pages and search the list for "Star PD" - there's one there about 2/3rds of the way down the page - but basically the procedure (after checking that the pistol is unloaded) is: 1.

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Just sent you a PM - I just remembered that on the earlier PDs, the guide-rod was a weird assembly that was in 2 pieces and threaded - then Locktite'd together and was a pain in the butt to work on - you had to use a heatgun to loosen the Locktite (or just slice through the plastic buffer and cut it off, then replace it with the snap-on style of buffer). Do your self a favor and run a tap/die on both parts when you finish.

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