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Low unemployment and a low cost of living make the Czech Republic one of the top 25 most ‘happy’ nations.

In fact the country’s Quality of Life Index is on a par with Ireland, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan and higher than Singapore, Italy and Saudi Arabia.Despite the age of consent being 15, the average age of the first sexual encounter for a Czech is 17 with 96% of those surveyed believing that pre-marital sex is fine.Pornography and prostitution is legal and the big towns and cities have a large number of adult entertainment venues that are frequented by locals and tourists.There has been some debate over the last decade with the government further extending the role played by schools in this area.A new 70-page teachers guide introduced in 2010 proved controversial when it allowed more scope for schools to choose the depth and reach of their sex-ed programmes including homosexuality and sex crimes.

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The origins of the phrase ‘Bohemian’ when referring to something as spirited, artistic and nomadic are actually from an area within the Czech Republic known as Bohemia.